Nutritional Counseling

Monthly Nutritional Counseling: $50 per month

With your Monthly Nutritional Counseling subscription you will have your general nutritional questions answered, assistance in planning nutrition and hydration for events, and will receive frequent informative articles written by Geiger Coaching.

Diet Analysis:  $100

A Geiger Coaching Diet Analysis looks at a typical training week's intake of foods, fluids, and supplements. With this information we break down each day and give you a report detailing feedback and suggestions to improve your eating habits. Even slight changes can make drastic improvements in your riding and racing. This is an invaluable tool for every level of athlete. 

Monthly Nutritional Planning: $200 per month

With your Geiger Coaching Nutrition Planning service you will receive fully customized weekly meal plans; complete with recipes, shopping lists and event specific nutrition planning. The ultimate tool for the athlete looking to optimize performance or weight loss/gain goals.